Combination Units - AW - Special Environment

This combination Filter/ Regulator minimizes space and piping by integrating the 2 units into one. Standard features include a relieving regulator, which can be quickly locked by pushing down on the adjustment knob. There are many options, which include gauges, auto-drain, metal bowl and covers, different set pressures, etc. The AW is part of the family of modular air preparation units and can be combined with other similar sized products. This series is available in four body sizes with piping from M5 to 3/4 in Rc, NPT or G thread types. The current AW series is no longer being produced and is subject to available quantities only. For size 10 models, please utilize the AW-A series. For size 60, please utilize the AW-B series. For sizes 20~40 please utilize the AW-A or AW-B series as appropriate to your performance and option needs.